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Seahorse Species

The size for the various species range from ½ inch to 8 inches in height. The fact that they are so small is really amazing that they are able to live such a life in the bodies of water.

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Seahorse Predators

There are several different predators in the wild that the seahorse has to be careful with. Since these creatures don’t swim well and they don’t have defense mechanisms they are often at the mercy of their environment to protect them.

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Seahorse Habitat

Seahorse Habitat and Distribution The seahorse is found in many different locations around North and South  America. They are typically located in the shallow tropical waters that are quite warm. They will be found living along the coral, the sea grass, and the mangroves. In Europe they are known to reside in the Thames estuary. Many

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Seahorse Anatomy

The anatomy of the seahorse is very interesting. First they have a face that looks like that of a land horse. Of course that is where the name comes from. They don’t have any genetic link to those horses though.

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