Seahorse Predators

Seahorse Natural Threats

There are several different predators in the wild that the seahorse has to be careful with. Since these creatures don’t swim well and they don’t have defense mechanisms they are often at the mercy of their environment to protect them .One thing that the seahorse has going for them is that they are very small. The largest ones are only about 8 inches long.

The other benefit they have is that their bodies are able to change color based on their environment. This type of camouflage is able to help them to hide out in plain sight. However, these natural preventive measures simply aren’t enough to always protect them from the common predators out there.

The young are more likely to become victims of predators than the adults. In fact, there is less than 1% survival rate among the various species. Even though 1,500 young can emerge at a time most of them will become a source of food. Without these young seahorses though many predators wouldn’t find enough food to survive.

Crabs are a very common predator but it also depends on the location. They tend to be in shallow waters though and that is also where the seahorses are found. The common sharing of habitat increases the likelihood that the crabs will be able to dine on the seahorses.

There are areas out there where stingrays are very common predators too. They are often found in bodies of water where the seahorse lives. Manta Rays can also be found due to them being so prominent in bodies of salt water.

Tuna have also been identified in various locations as eating the seahorses. This is especially true during times of the year when they are struggling to find enough of their own regular food sources. Since the natural habitat of the tuna is becoming smaller so is there selection of food in various regions.

The penguin lives both on land and in the water. They are located in many of the same locations as the seahorse. They find them to be a quick meal that they can find very close to the shoreline. They can consume large numbers of them in no time at all.

Various types of fish will feed on the seahorse as well. There are many species such as the Tiger Fish that come close to the shore. They often are going to take the opportunity to feed when they can. Other fish though won’t consume them unless they have to. This is because they are simply too boney.

The biggest predator though of the seahorse comes in the form of humans. They are responsible for destroying the corral where they live. They are also known to cause serious forms of pollution to the environment and that makes it dangerous for the seahorses to continue living in such harsh conditions.

In many regions including China the use of the seahorse for medicine and herbs continues. The problem is that the areas where they take them from are becoming obsolete. The removal of them is huge and that isn’t leaving many in the natural habitat to repopulate fast enough. Commercial fishing nets also bring in tons of them and that has caused low numbers.

Humans also use the seahorse as a form of making crafts and jewelry. The popularity of this has soared as a common trend. People that live in areas of the seahorse will continue to kill them for this purpose. They can make items and sell them to local tourists. Some of these entities even have websites online where they sell such products and make lots of money.

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