Seahorses in Popular Culture

Seahorses in Human Culture

One of the most common elements of seahorses used in popular culture has to do with them being used in various types of herbs by the Chinese. It is believed that there are quite a few other ethnic groups that also use them for such purposes. However, the amount of them isn’t known or to what extend.

Many of the types of medicine out there that people use around the world actually come from the seahorse. This includes items that are in a pill form. It is very interesting to take a closer look when you have time at them. You may find some that you have taken or family members take fall into that category and you never knew it until now.

In various locations it is common to collect dead seahorses. They are used to create paper weights, crafts, and even various types of jewelry. The sell of such items is very popular so they are able to make a living from this odd behavior. These items are sold online too and then shipped all over the world.

Many people like the look of the seahorse so they place them on their bodies as tattoos. It can be a choice that is widely accepted socially. Yet it is definitely unique. Many women feature it as a type of cute tattoo because they are very tiny. They also get a kick out of the fact that the males carry the young. They wish that were true in human lifestyles!

There are cultures where the seahorse is uses as a symbol that a young woman is looking for her knight in shining armor. This stems from the fact that they are visually looking in appearance as real horses. It can be a spin off of the old fairy tale!

In some cultures the use of the seahorse is also a symbol of a man being a very caring and protective father. This symbol shows that he will do all he has to in order to ensure his family is safe.

This upright fish is one that is often found in many different bathrooms. They are used on shower curtains, photos for the bathroom, and more. This is a type of décor that can be fun for adults as well as for children. It also covers both genders which typically rules out plenty of other forms of décor in that room of the house.

There are plenty of children’s books that include the seahorse in them. They aren’t a scary type of animal and one that is fun to learn about. They are sometimes found on cartoons too but there aren’t’ really any well known characters out there.

Some people see the seahorse as a type of symbol for humans in the water too. This stems from the fact that they are the only form of fish that happens to have a neck. Since the seahorse is such a great part of culture they are often found in various forms of art work. A great deal of it is in abstract formats which allow someone to interpret such art as they wish.

The seahorse tends to be timeless though and that is why it is found in popular culture. It has been symbolic since the early ages and continues to be so today. Some people believe it is a good luck charm so they wear jewelry of it, t-shirts, and more.

With the many great documentaries offered, the world has had more exposure to seahorses in their natural environment than ever before. This has continued to fuel a passion for them in many people.

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